Vision Caucus

The Florida Legislature’s Vision Caucus is a bicameral, bipartisan caucus of Florida legislators who have a special interest in vision issues. The Vision Caucus currently has 72 members and is Chaired by The Honorable Dennis Baxley.

Organized in 2005, the Vision Caucus is interested in the entire lifespan of Floridians who are impacted by vision issues from blind babies, to visually impaired students, to low vision and blind workers, to seniors with age-related vision loss. As part of the Legislature, the Vision Caucus is focused on funding and policy issues that affect these Floridians, as well as oversight of the various Executive Branch agencies involved in prevention and providing services to these Floridians.

The Vision Caucus has been successful in increasing funding for blind services in some years while limiting budget cuts in other years. The Vision Caucus endorsed and helped to create the “A State of Vision” license plate and teamed with FAASB to create the annual Florida Vision Summit. While the Vision Caucus has grown in size and influence, we have greater challenges in these difficult budget times and growing numbers of blind and visually impaired Floridians.

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